Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Happy Holidays to All

The holidays are upon us and a time of year to gather with family and friends for food, fun, and drink.  It is also a time to help those less fortunate and to reach out to those who may be facing significant challenges this holiday season.
The search for the perfect tree
 Thank you to all who have stayed with us over the past four years.  Every guest has been special and memorable. There have been so many people with such special stories and journeys.  I believe my life is better for all the wonderful people (and horses and pets) that have come through our door and our gate.

We Welcome All Through Our Door
May winter lights brighten your path and light your way this holiday season.  Here is hoping for peace in all our hearts, our nation, and our world.  Happy holidays from our family to yours.


Our cheery winter lights brighten the path


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