Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mountain Trail Fun

I just spent the afternoon and evening at the National Mountain Trail Championships at the Oregon Horse Center. I wrote about the upcoming championships in an earlier post.  The amount of training, work, patience and tenacity of the riders in the competition is amazing, and the horses working their way through the challenging obstacles is really poetry in motion.

I love Paso Finos, smooth gaited horses with tremendous grace and amazing spirits.  I loved cheering on my two friends and their Paso Finos.  I couldn't help yelling "Go Paso Finos," as Dee came through the obstacles with her horse moving out, the music playing, and the crowd cheering.

So, do I have a beautiful action shot of either Dee or Marilyn on their Paso Finos?  No, my camera just doesn't have the umpf to capture those shots...a better camera is on my Christmas list.  So, I am sharing a picture of a cow with you to capture the spirit of the evening.  A cow?  Not just any cow.  This is "Pony Cow."  I'm not sure of her history, but she sure is becoming an icon at the Horse Center.  She navigates the obstacles on the trail course smoothly and easily.  And she is proud of it.  We should all navigate life like "Pony Cow."  The next Mountain Trail action will be next spring at the Horse Center.  Check them out.  Plan to stay with us, just 15 minutes from the Horse Center, and join the fun.

Cheers to the Weekend and Go Ducks,

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mountain Trail

It's that time of year when our nearby Oregon Horse Center attracts horses, riders, and spectators from all over the country for one of the nation's top trail horse competitions.  In the five years that I have been living near the Horse Center, I have seen it continue to grow and develop, and the trail competitions are a huge highlight for the facility.  In 2006, the year before I moved to Oregon, Alaska friends of mine and their two gaited Mountain Horses took the trail competition by storm as first time competitors.  Friend Bill won the competition in a stunning victory and friend Diane was in the top 10.  We were all proud Alaskans.
Dee Myers and Paso Fino Ariel (Gotcha) on the trail course

Marilyn Bunnell at the Mountain Trail competition

This year I am cheering on my friends with Paso Finos who have developed as outstanding competitors over the last several years and are trail course riders extraordinaire.  Dee Meyers and Marilyn Bunnell have worked steadily and consistently to strengthen their skills and train their horses to achieve some amazing results.  Other Paso Fino friends have competed and show that our smooth gaited horses can indeed do it all.

The NW Mountain Trail Championships are November 2 - 4, and the National Mountain Trail Championships are November 8 - 11. Our friends at the Horse Center have a good sense of humor.  Check out this recently posted video on the Oregon Horse Center Facebook page.  You can also access the video from the Oregon Horse Center web page.

Our Territorial Bed & Breakfast & Barn is only 15 minutes from the Oregon Horse Center.  We have some availability for both trail championship weekends.  Book a room in the country with horses and spend the day at the Oregon Horse Center.  Fun times.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Adventure Begins

We're excited!!!!  There is an old saying about "building it, and they will come."  I am so thrilled to share my special place in the country with horses and wine and more.  Our stable has been in place for several years, and it is a great joy to see people riding and enjoying their horses on a daily basis, and all of us working together to keep Synergy Stables a great place to be.

Now there is a new chapter in our lives with Territorial Bed & Breakfast & Barn.  I have always loved life in the country, and now I am sharing my country life through our bed and breakfast and through our farm stays.  We have been planning and making preparations and working out the details for some time now.  Our first guests are booked, so we are off and running.

Please explore our website for an in-depth look at our life in the country, what we would like to share with you, and how you can do that.  Keep an eye on our blog as we share our adventures and our progress, tell funny stores, share our pictures, and make it all happen.  Here's a toast to a great future.  Please join me, my family, my friends, my neighbors, and my critters for Horses and Wine and More.