Monday, January 13, 2014

Wine, Food, and More

Even though we are officially in the depths of winter in January, there are hints of spring if you look very closely.  The days are getting longer, and even that extra 15 to 30 minutes of daylight extends our days and activities just a bit.

In our yard, there are already the smallest green shoots signaling the earliest of the bulbs pushing their leaves and stems upward to burst into color as we roll into spring.  Seed catalogs are stacking up on the coffee table as we plan the spring garden planting.

And food and wine events are appearing on calendars in beautiful technicolor, beckoning us to enjoy our area's bounty of delicious food and outstanding Oregon wine.  For those of us with horses, we're looking at the year's upcoming events, marking our calendars, checking with our clubs and our friends and making plans for a fun equestrian season.

It's been raining and more rain to come, but that's what keeps our beautiful Willamette Valley green, and even with rain, there are cozy fires, cozy inns, and cozy tasting rooms to help us feel warm and fuzzy and hopeful for spring even in the depth of winter.

Visit Eugene, Cascades, and Coast for activities to the west and south of us, and Visit Corvallis for activities to the north.  So, whether you are a local or planning a visit for pleasure or business, check out all out beautiful area has to offer and come to the Country in the South Willamette Valley of Oregon.