Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring in the Country

Spring has sprung in Oregon's beautiful South Willamette Valley.  Grass is green, flowers are in bloom, and there are beautiful sunny days as well as spring rain to keep it all beautiful.

Memorial Day, which really kicks off the summer season with great weather and more and more activities is just a few weeks away.  The University of Oregon and Oregon State Commencements are coming soon in June, bringing friends and relatives from near and far to cheer on graduates from Oregon's prestigious universities.

And we've been having a little fun on the farm with our horses and dogs this spring and are proud to share daughter and farm partner Jerri's success with her Dalmatian.  Meisje earned the title of "Road Dog" working with Jerri on horseback at the Dalmatian National Special near Portland.  There was lots of fun dog and horse practicing at the farm that really paid off.

May is Oregon Wine Month, and wine tasting is a big Memorial Day tradition in the Willamette Valley. Wineries are primed to welcome visitors for tasting with many offering special activities, food, music, and lots of fun.  For wineries nearby and to the south of us, check out the South Willamette Wineries Association for a great listing of wineries and maps to get there. For more wineries near us and to the north, check out the Heart of Willamette Wineries for all they have to offer.

Cheers to spring in the Oregon countryside.