Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sweet Oregon Summer

Summer has arrived in the South Willamette Valley, a beautiful time of year.

Flowers and summer flag welcome our guests
Summer arrived in splendor on the June 20 Solstice with a full moon for the first time since 1948.  The "honey moon" was a spectacular site over the farm.

Wineries are in full swing with delicious Oregon wine offerings, food carts, and live music.  Concerts with great music under the stars are a special experience with venues in Eugene, Ashland, and Bend to name only a few.

Music and Oregon Pinot on the patio at Tebri Vineyards
B&B Owner Mary (center) and neighbors and family friends enjoying Brigadoon Wine Company 

Farmers are harvesting hay, planting and maintaining other crops, and farmers' markets are rolling out more and more fresh produce as the summer progresses.

Nearly 30 tons of hay in the loft for our stable for the year

Nothing like machinery to make the job easier

Flower arranging by one of our talented family friends.  Thanks Rachel

Celebrating the season with sparkling wine and Oregon strawberries

And, Eugene, OR known as "Track Town USA," is eagerly awaiting the Olympic Trials with top athletes and their families and friends and lots of visitors rolling into town in early July. Go USA, go Oregon. Welcome to our summer.