Monday, February 4, 2013

Show Time

Life in the beautiful Oregon countryside with horses and family and friends is truly a gift.  As we gear up for the coming spring and summer with the new bed and breakfast business, we spent time this weekend with the foundation of our lives here, our horses.

With six horses in tow, that's two trips of three each, we headed off to the Oregon Horse Center for their winter fun show.  We're only 20 minutes away from the Horse Center, so it's an easy trip.  Friday afternoon was horse and "stuff" transport.  There is always lots of "stuff" when you go to a horse show.  All the stuff to take care of the horses and all the stuff people need to show horses, like sparkling clean horse equipment, and new shirts.
Khira and Moreno and Lynne and Lucero ready for Gaited  English Pleasure
 Saturday the focus of the competition was for English style riding and Sunday the focus was Western style riding.  Many horses can do a little of both, and our Paso Fino Horses are very versatile.  Paso Finos are "gaited horses," which means that they move their feet in a unique four-beat gait that is very smooth to ride.  Tennessee Walking Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, Mountain Horses, and Icelandic Horses are also considered gaited horses.
Brittney and Lucero and Khira and Moreno set for Gaited Western Pleasure
We have a great crew here at Synergy Stables of people who lease our horses and ride them on a regular basis and people who board their own horses here.
Lynne & Lucero, winners of Paso Fino Country Pleasure at the 2012 Oregon State Fair
Lynne has been with us almost from the beginning, our very first leaser here, riding Lucero and forming a wonderful bond with him.  She wrote about their relationship in a heart warming story for the Northwest Paso Fino Horse Association. 

Brittney and Lucero ready for Gaited Western Equitation

Brittney has been with us over a year and a half, starting with working in the stable and now a leaser, who has done a great job developing her equestrian skills.  Khira boards her mustang Salita with us and also rides the Paso Finos.  She has been with us almost a year and has come a long way as a young horse woman and rider.
Khira tacking up Moreno for Gaited Western Pleasure.

We had a great weekend, full of fun, a few frustrations, lots of learning and lots to be proud of.  There's nothing like the horse and human bond. Proof of that in the Budweiser Beer Superbowl 13 commercial featuring the Budweiser Clydesdales.  Not a dry eye in America as people watched the bonding of horse and trainer.

Our proof is in our little table of ribbons and prizes and the warmth of our weekend memories.