Oregon Wine Country

Oregon is a place where winemakers are stewards of the land; where quality reigns, where sustainability is a lifestyle and where artisan producers believe that careful attention to detail and nurturing produce incredible wines. Oregon Wine Board

Oregon is home to over 600 wineries and a $3.3 billion industry, bringing tourist dollars and jobs to the region.  There are very diverse wine regions in Oregon, growing conditions, and varietals. Most wineries are small and family owned, producing an average of about 5,000 cases per year.  Wine tasting in Oregon offers visitors an intimate experience with the unique opportunity to see the beauty of the land, the winery, and the wine growing and wine making process up close and personal.
 High above at near by Pfeiffer Winery

Territorial Bed & Breakfast & Barn is located in the heart of the south Willamette wine country in Oregon,  within 15 minutes of 10 wineries and within 30 to 45 minutes many more. The region includes a wide variety of wineries offering wine tasting and purchase of delicious Oregon wines, along with entertainment and a full immersion in the wine experience.
Just up the road, riding in the grapes at  Benton-Lane Winery

Our closest neighboring wineries recently formed a group, Prairie Mountain Wineries.  Territorial BBB is listed on their travel guide.  Come visit us and our neighboring wineries.  You won't be disappointed.

For more information on our local wineries, check out the wineries just north of us through the Heart of Willamette Wineries Association.  For wineries just to the south of us, you can find information through the South Willamette Wineries Association.  Both associations offer maps and information about our local wineries.  We are closely associated with our neighboring wineries, so we are able to provide an introduction to Oregon wines, wine tasting information, and personal introductions.  We look forward to sharing the wines we love with you, and hope you will love them too.

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